Meüne - Slow Fashion

How much do you know about the impacts the modern fast fashion system has on our mental health?

At Meüne we are very much concerned about how fashion affects our mental health. We are also committed to raise awareness on this topic. This is why we recently published the Ultimate Guide to Fashion and Mental Health with Tena Lavrencic, an anthropologist, activist and ethical fashion writer, as our Co-Author.

This is an issue that can be related and associated with many aspects of our lives: from a particular state of mind to the experiences we get from social media. It can also go as deep as the ocean, so it better be approached with proper research.

Some of the concepts we explore in this guide are Enclothed Cognition, Dressing "in alignment" or "out of alignment", Compulsive buying behaviour, Oniomania, Cognitive Dissonance, and many more.

Our insights, discussions, and conclusions come largely from disciplines like psychology, philosophy, sociology, and anthropology. They also come from our personal experiences and continued deep conversations we are having with other activists, designers, and thinkers within the slow fashion community.

Although the guide keeps it simple, it touches almost every side of what we've found most relevant, in a high to mid deepness level. It dissects many layers on how fashion, as many people are experiencing it today, can impact our mental health. We tried to find that thin, tricky and deep thread that connects it.

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