Meüne - Magda


Limited edition denim jacket.

Magda is a high-quality denim jacket with a purpose. She invites you to slow down and think about what really matters to us, as humans. What makes us who we are? Where do we belong? Who is our community? What are the stories, values, and relationships that form us? Magda is your reminder of all of that and maybe even more.

Take a closer look at Magda’s pockets and sleeves. What makes Magda unique are the artisanal woven symbols she carries. The embroidery you can see on Magda are pieces bearing ancestral stories, culture, and identities of weavers across the Peruvian Andes. As such, Magda is a part of over 10 thousand years old weaving heritage. Today, this heritage is endangered and at risk of being forgotten. Inspired by the indigenous communities, values, wisdom, and knowledge, Magda’s purpose is to bring the awareness of a disappearing art of weavering. We want to show how beautiful this art is and that it’s worth learning, respecting, and appreciating.

With Magda, we hope to bring this heritage forward and give the artisans another way to tell their stories and show their craft.

Artisanal crafts

'Sach'a arco ch'aska chili sonquyoq'
In the Inca culture, the stars on the night sky are the guides and guardians who ensure a safe journey. Traditionally, women weaved stars, in the hope to bring a blessing to family members who embarked on a journey looking for food and healing plants. The stars symbolised a successful and safe trip back home.


Magda is made from high-quality, ethically sourced denim and alpaca wool. The denim we use comes from Italy. The factory we partner with uses 100% GOTS-certified cotton, OEKO-TEX dyeing method, and ozone washing. The artisanal fabrics come from 100% responsibly sourced Alpaca wool from Peru. Finally, the jacket is assembled in a denim atelier in France. Read all the details about our sourcing and manufacturing. here.

We produce Magda in small limited quantities, and she is only available for purchase during our crowdfunding campaign. It means that we won't produce this model again.