MEUNE creates exceptional pieces that tell you a story, carrying messages of hope and deep reflections about our place in the world.

Through its creations and their meaning, MEUNE invites us to take a moment and reflect on the most essential questions we all have as human beings.

MEUNE is above all a journey, a message, a practice and a way of life. A strong cultural, craft and heritage anchorage leads our responsible approach of circular economy and solidarity, by valuing the ancestral Andean and French know-how.


On the one hand, MEUNE uses dead stock fabrics, end-of-life materials or finished garments as a basis for adapting them to create new products that are different from their former appearance: a method commonly referred to as “upcycling”. 

Upcycling fashion is fundamental to our ethos. It marks our determined commitment to circularity in the fashion industry's networks, encompassing the sourcing of fabrics, the design process and the production of our exceptional collections in the heart of Paris.

Ancestral Crafts

MEUNE also works with indigenous peoples in South America to promote and enhance their culture and ancestral knowledge of handicraft weaving. The designer, Nahir, travels twice a year to Argentina to visit her family and dedicates part of her trip to meeting weavers from indigenous communities who wish to collaborate with MEUNE.

Nahir thus co-creates with these women the pieces that will later sublimate his creations. MEUNE respects this collaboration and does not negotiate with the craftswomen, and accepts unconditionally the value and production time they propose for their work.